Why Danceafreaka Was Created

Dance Workout

When we first created Danceafreaka we wanted to address the concerns of people who have done or are thinking about starting to get fit.

So we went and asked the general public what prevents them from exercising more to help us produce a fitness programme that would be suitable for you.

We listened to everyone’s views and created Danceafreaka to help you get fit;

“I haven’t got the time”

  • You don’t need much time to do the class as it’s compressed into an hour, and you can do the DVD at home in 20, 35 or 60 minutes if you wish. It’s ok to exercise little and often

“Exercising too expensive”

  • The classes are much cheaper then gym membership or you can buy the DVD and use that as many times as you like

“I find the gym boring”

  • The Danceafreaka classes and DVD are created to be fun dance workouts that don’t feel tedious or boring. The moves are unique yet easy to follow and you’ll feel energised after doing them

“I don’t feel motivated to exercise”

  • Setting a goal is a good way to start getting motivated. Do you want to look good for you summer holidays, a wedding or lose weight after having a baby? Music is a great motivator and dancing goes perfectly with it, so start to enjoy getting fit by joining a fun Danceafreaka class or buying the DVD