Dance DVD

Ancestral Hands are a South London based company who specialise in African drum and dance workshops, classes and performances.

We aim to:
Promote and enrich African culture and history in all educational institutions and the wider community through hand drumming. And to increase awareness of the benefits of African drumming such as:

· Communication
· Focus
· Patience
· Stress Relief
· Teamwork
· Social inclusion

Ancestral Hands have also developed Danceafreaka African Fun Fitness programme:
Danceafreaka is a new and fun system that uses traditional African dance techniques for you to improve:

· Body Tone
· Flexibility
· Fitness
· Cardio Vascular Health.

It incorporates aspects of dances from different parts of the continent. Every class is taught to beats from across Africa either live on the drum or pre recorded. It is easy to pick up and lots of fun. It is ideal for anyone interested in African culture, getting fit, meeting people or anyone who wants to try something new.

“There’s something about African drums which is instant and unique, the heritage, I mean people used them to talk to each other it is extremely powerful”.

Kojo Tawiah Creative Director Ancestral Hands Ltd